Solar Collectors OP-V2.5




Flat solar collector OP-V2.5 with high efficiency, for vertical or horizontal assem­bly.

Hydraulic circuit in copper grid, with high selective copper plate absorber. The collector was designed for large installations.

Due to its high yield, this collector is ideal for applications with large consumption of hot water directly or for those applications that require temperatures of 50º- 60ºC.

This collector has the Solar Keymark Certificate.




Solar Collectors OP-V2.5: Code 5 200  207


Flat glazed, full plate

Weight of empty collector

61 kg

Dimensions - Gross area

2066 x 1298 x 98 mm - 2,68 m2

Aperture area

2018 x 1250 mm - 2,52 m2

Absorber area

2018 x 1250 mm - 2,52 m2

Absorber thickness

0,2 mm

Laminated cover glass

Low iron

Glass thickness

4 mm

Absorber material

Copper plate

Superficial treatment

High selective


95 %


5 %

Absorver construction type

Copper grid pipes

Number of pipes - diameter x thickness

Headers: 2 - Ø 18x0,8 mm
Verticals: 10 - Ø 8x0,4 mm

Heat transfer fluid

Water + Glycol

Volume of fluid

1,37 l

Maximum operating pressure

6 bar

Stagnation temperature

201º C

Insulation material

Rock woll 70 kg/m3

Insulation thickness

Back: 50 mm
Side: 15 mm

Frame material

Anodized aluminium

Rear panel

Aluzinc sheet

Sealing material

Silicone, acrylic foam and EPDM

Inclination angle

Min. 15º / Max. 90º


 See certificate.