Solar Controller SCOP-AX


 Controlador Solar SCOP-AX


The SCOP-AX is a switching device for solar, heating and ventilation systems, affordable and uni­versal. The regulator has two potentiometers which allow a precise adjustment of the temperature difference for activation of the solar pump and the maximum and minimum temperature. Through the mini-switch can activate and deactivate separately both the manual mode and the function of protection against freezing according to the maximum and minimum temperature.




Solar Controller: SCOP-AX Code 5 400  200


Plastic and PC-ABS

Protection type

IP 20 with seal IP22 (DIN 40050)


Ø 130 x 45 mm


2 x Pt1000 ( 1 x FKP6, 1 x FRP6)


1 relay standard

 * Other models on request