fachada sedeOPENPLUS Ltd is a company with 100% Portuguese capital, specialized in renewable energy, and national market leader in the area of large solar thermal installations, and has increased significantly the number of installations in the sector of Hotels and Hospitals.

The project OPENPLUS is born and begins to take shape in 2004 by the will of its founder, Elísio Paulo Azevedo, aiming to produce solar panels with high quality, not only to satisfy the domestic market but especially to export what best is made in Portugal.

During four years developed studies and gave shape to the dream itself, which culminated in January 2008 with the legal constitution of the company and the beginning of manufacture of its high-end certified model OP-V2 - which was a big success, result of its high performance.

Upon completion of the program “Medida Solar Térmico” - framed in the National Strategy for Energy 2020 - OPENPLUS was listed as one of the companies with more installations carried out.

The increased activity causes the company to invest in new and modern facilities at the Eco-Parque Empresarial of Estarreja with an area of 6000 m2, where the production and headquarters have been transfered in 2010.

In 2011 completed the investment that reached 5 million € for creation and implementation of a new industrial unit with automatic machines for ultrasonic welding - the most advanced technology in the area and unique in Portugal - which allows not only the manufacture of collectors but also absorbers, in fins or “full-plate” either aluminum or copper foil highly selective.

The production capacity is thus increased from 360,000 m2 to 380,000 m2 of collectors / year, with several models designed for different international clients and models certified under its own brand.

Investment is also made at the level of human resources, highly qualified professionals in the field of renewable energy, with great experience and high expertise, assisting its partners in the project design and delivery and assembly of the best thermal and photovoltaic solutions.

Result of its management, economic and financial performance was distinguished by IAPMEI and the Portuguese banking sector with SME Lider and SME Excellence 2011 status.

Aware of the difficulties of the sector and responsive to customer needs, began production of its “low-cost” collector OP-V4AL, a certified collector with a lower price, also with high performances.

With export of its products as the main objective, the company participates in various trade fairs and business missions all over the world, with the aim of boosting their sales and attract new customers.

Earlier this year, and not to neglect the photovoltaic sector, the group of companies led by Elisio Azevedo, created the OPENPLUS PV Ltd, which will be responsible for the production of photovoltaic panels.

The OPENPLUS PV is installed in a new industrial building adjacent to OPENPLUS, and at this stage is in production testing.

The OPENPLUS products are already around the globe, being certified with Solar Keymark, SRCC OG-100, EN12975 and approved by the German Ministry of Economics. The company also has certification NP EN ISO 9001:2008.