Solar Collectors OP-V5AL






High efficiency flat solar collector OP-V5AL, for vertical or horizontal assembly with hydraulic circuit in copper grid and high selective aluminum plate absorber.






Colector Solar OP-V5AL: Code 5 200  210


Flat glazed, full plate

Weight of empty collector

39,2 kg

Dimensions - Gross area

2058 x 1040 x 68 mm - 2,14 m2

Aperture area

2018 x 1000 mm - 2,02 m2

Absorber area

2018 x 1000 mm - 2,02 m2

Absorber thickness

0,3 mm

Laminated cover glass

Low iron

Glass thickness

3,2 mm

Absorber material

Aluminum plate

Superficial treatment

High selective


95 %


5 %

Absorber construction type

Copper grid pipes

Number of pipes - diameter x thickness

Headers: 2 - Ø 22x0,8 mm
Verticals: 8 - Ø 12x0,4 mm

Heat transfer fluid

Water + Glycol

Volume of fluid

1,06 l

Maximum operating pressure

6 bar

Stagnation temperature

162,9º C

Insulation material

Rock wool 40 kg/m3

Insulation thickness

Back: 30 mm

Frame material


Rear panel

Zinc coated sheet

Sealing material

Silicone, acrylic foam and EPDM

Inclination angle

Min. 15º / Max. 90º