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Absorbers ABS2_AL-V4.5







High selective full plate absorber ABS2_AL-V4.5 in aluminum with hydraulic grid of 10 tubes in copper.




Absorber ABS2_AL-V4.5: Code 5 100 105


Flat glazed, full plate

Dimensions - Gross area

2018 x 1250 x 0,3 - 2,52 m2

Weight of empty absorber

4,9 kg

Volume of fluid

1,37 l

Absorber material

Aluminum plate

Superficial treatment

High selective


95 %


5 %

Absorber construction type

Copper grid pipes

Number of pipes

diameter x thickness

Headers: 2 - Ø 18x0,8 mm
Verticals: 10 - Ø 8x0,4 mm

Heat transfer fluid

Water + Glycol

Maximum operating pressure

6 bar

 * Other models on request. Possibility of production of fins absorbers.